Welcome To My Website, I'm Ruwahn, freelance website developer & designer

My Experience

I like to work close with my clients, transforming good ideas into great thought out design layouts.

I focus on creating intuitive UI designs with simple interactions. I'm a minimalist who truly believes that less is more.

I create most of my websites in HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript, I also work with Bootsrap and CodePen to create that perfect finish on the front end side.

Multiple Platforms

Aside from developing websites on HTML and CSS, I also develop sites on WordPress and other already made templates like bootstrap templates, HTML5up, tooplate and loads more.

Website Updates

Nothing better than making your old website look brand new again, an updated website is a healthy website.


Creating new corporate or small business identities is a secret love of mine.


I also offer website hosting, this way you can be assured your website is in safe hands.

Contact Me



South-End Port Elizabeth 6001

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