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My name is Ruwahn and i’m a multipotentialite, witch means I don’t really like to be stuck doing one single wonderful thing my enitire life, I like to do multiple wonderful things throughout my life. I enjoy writing, designing, woodworking, repairing broken music instruments, t-shirt printing, website development, marketing and loads more.

What I do

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Graphic Design

I design anything from Logo’s, Company Profiles, Business Cards to Website Content, Social Media Content and much more

Brand Identity

Creating Brand Identaties has always been a seceret love of mine, there is just something about helping an orginisations find their idenity that fills  me with great pride

Web Development

Design and Developing website is one of those jobs that allows some awesome creativity as well as critical problem solving, Wich I really adore

Motion Graphics

Small little motion graphics ideal to grab some atention for your social media

Website Consulting

Websites holds some great power, unfortunately not every company realises that, and that is where I come in. Setting up stratagies making sure your site is growth driven


Writing is a skill that I constantly work on, writing blogs, business caces, business plans, website conetent. It’s such a great skill to obtain and maintain both as a hobby and profetionaly

Latest Work

Here are some of my latest projects, everything from Graphic Design, Web Design and development to social media adds and more…

Fledge is a small blog for those young induviduals like myself, spreading our wings, taking on the position of “adults” in this harsh and beautiful life

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