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So, what do you want to be when you grow up? We all heard that question a few times, probably more than we can count. Its funny how nobody really cares what you answer when your that young, it’s just a droll little exercise we do for some giggles, and for mom and dad to know what birthday party to throw this year.

This question changes as we grow older and gets a bit more serious like when your a teen facing the end of your high school years, people will start asking you what do you plan on studying after school. Soon this cute exercise turns into the thing that keeps us up at night. Although this question inspires kids to dream about what they can be when they grow up, it does not inspire them to dream about all that they can be, as said by multipotentialite Emilie Wapnick.

As you get older this question brings up more anxiety and more pressure. Maybe you are one of the lucky few who knows exactly what you want to do from the second you jumped out of the womb, but start to feel hesitant about the future when starting applying to universities. Maybe you have a trace of direction you want to go in but still a bit skeptical. Perhaps you have so much stuff that you want to do in your life that you rather think there is something wrong with you because you can’t seem to pick only one ambition.

Raise a hand if any of these scenarios apply to you, haha, it applies to all of us. We all have anxieties about our future life because we all want to make the right choices, but no one tells you its okay to feel this way, it okay to be unsure. Don’t let anyone make you feel lousy about yourself because you are unsure about the future , we all are.

It’s not being uncertain that’s the considerable issue, it’s how we approach the future.

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