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Mahatma Gandhi has a famous quote that reads, “The Future Depends On What You Do Today”.

We don’t think about it that often, we go on with our days just facing whatever lies ahead of us, avoiding or struggling with the obstacles that arise. We can choose a life of ease, where we don’t really have to think very hard about our future. We go study and get some job that pay the bills and we continue living our soft lives, where we watch series the rest of the day snuggling with the dog, and play video games for 8 hours at a time.

As a result many of us just pick a career and go forth, not really investing much thought or time into it, we don’t care if it fits our personality, or how our daily work life will be like. All we do know is that it pays good enough to live our cozy live, so let’s learn to love it.

I personally, believe that it’s not healthy to learn to love something, or someone for that matter. At some point the wheels will just fall of the wagon. You will never truly fall in love with that job, and sooner or later, rather than learning to love your job you will come to hate it. Then only thing left in your day is going home and enjoying jour series, till you fall asleep.

It can get quite depressing.  It shouldn’t be that way, we can still make a difference to our future today if we take the time to do research on the careers we think we might pursue. Everyone will have their own methods of learning if that majical career is for them, maybe you’ll do some online tests, or talk to someone in the field, but just don’t go into the future blind and think everything will work itself out.

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