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In 1597 a guy by the name  Francis Bacon had a saying “ipsa scientia potestas est”, it means ‘knowledge itself is power’, isn’t that a beautiful quote. In this crazy information age we live in, gaining a new skill anything from how to make a fire with two stick to economics and programming, is so unbelievable easy. This morning before I went to make a cup of joe I learned how to fix a running toilet, just laying in my bed. So how do you get started? You search the skill you want to acquire on a platform you trust like Udemy or EDX and off you go. 

What platforms are out there ? :

There are such a large amount of online platforms out there, each platform with a massive variety of courses to choose from, so how do you choose one, well I just google it, do a bit of research on a various courses you are interested in and when you are comfortable settling on one, just go for it.

Here are a few websites Life Wire recommend checking out. There are a few sites I would strongly recommend to any one looking to up skill on a budget. The first one and probably the one you know the best is, man the amount of stuff you can learn on YouTube is quite scary, I think its just magical, I first learned myself HTML website development through YouTube and after that, WordPress websites, graphic design, blogging, vloging, podcasting, and even woodworking. The other site I adore is HubSpot Academy, they are free and just brilliant, they provide one of the worlds leading inbound marketing and sales platforms, and also provide some extraordinary online courses for anyone in the professional world.

How to start:

Its no big mystery how to get started you pick out the course you want to specialize in, pay the amount and then you’re ready for lift off. I know at this point after payment you are super eager to get started to complete this course in one sitting. But speaking from a bit of experience this is one thing you do not want to do, don’t bite off more than you can chew. In a blog post from entrepreneur magazine stated that 90% of all online courses bought never make to the end. And I can totally understand the high number. which brings us to the next point.

How to finish:

There are a few pointers or advice I would like to pass on to someone that is thinking about starting an online course.

  • Make time. Set out a specific time everyday to work on your course depending on how much time you have to allocate to the course, it can be anything from 30min to an hour. In a case where you have a big course or you are pressured to finish the course in a short amount of time, make sure you set out breaks so you dont burn out that noggin, or get frustrated with the course.
  • Keep to a schedule. It is super important, i believe, that you keep to a specific time and location when working on your course, this way you don’t have to deal with different distractions every time you sit somewhere different.
  • Do exercise. I am no fitness guru, gosh I hate it when those fitness freaks start preaching to you about how important it is to exercise or won’t shut up about their 20km bike ride this morning, we get it… But they arent completely wrong, exercise is important for the mind and body, it helps a good deal with concentration. for example I go walking or jogging with my dog every morning. and that for me is more than enough.
  • Go Out. I know working for hours on your course in your lonely room or study can get a bit frustrating, so every now and then, go out, drink a coffee with a friend, or spend a bit of time out with a loved one.

And that is basically all there is to it, enjoy expanding your mind and just stay awesome !!!!


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