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You found that your once upon a time “true calling” is actually a big downer? Maybe you realise it while you are busy applying to universities or even while you are already busy studying at a tertiary institution. It happens, and it freaking sucks. Your whole world is turned upside down, you don’t know what direction is up anymore, you feel real bad about yourself and start questioning all your decisions. It’s a complete roller coaster of emotions, and all I really can say is that this feeling of “everything I thought to be true is a lie” will end, eventually.  

You know what’s worse than feeling crappy for a bit, it’s feeling crap for longer. Let me explain,  eventually you will come to realise that your narrow escape of realizing this career is not for you is much better than trying to fall in love with a job you really don’t like, so you can pay off that student loans.

Many of us just power through it our entire lives, society make us believe that we are failures, or flakes if we consider changing our career paths to something more creative or something that pays a little less. We power through because we are told that having a bad job is normal, “Thats Live”, as they say. I say Live is whatever We make it to be.

So what’s next after discovering that this career might just not be for you? Well, relax… Just take a step back, do whatever makes you feel better, eat junk food, go exercising, do a bit of traveling, go jump out of plane, just do whatever you need to do to think things over.

The problem your facing is not that you don’t know what career you want to do, it is that you’re placing so much pressure on yourself, your stressed out because “you don’t have life all figured out”. You can relax, no one has life figured out.

Remember those toys we use to have as kids where you fit all the different shapes into the corresponding holes. There is no way a triangle will fit into a circle, The same thing applies to us humans, don’t shape yourself into someone to fit in that career that you aren’t made to fit into.

All you need to do from here is to get to know yourself. Check out a few free online personality tests or career tests, explore some hobbies, tap into your creative side. Shape yourself, don’t let a job shape you.