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“Many of us hold beliefs about money that we picked up from our parents and/or society. We may have internalized the idea that there is never enough of it, that money equals happiness, or that our paychecks is representative of our value in the world.”

-Emilie Wapnick

We all like to live a comfortable life, we all need money to survive, to pay the bills and cover our basics needs. But it never stops there, does it?

The world out there will make us believe that having “stuff ” is the key to happiness, we believe that having money and things is what success looks like. As a result we go to far extents to make sure that we have these “nice things”. We will either work our finger to  the bone, or we just swipe the credit card.

There is this fantastic quotes from the documentary Minimalism, it reads, “ THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN BILLS, MONEY AND WORK. I have seen many many videos and quotes on social media about people getting so involved in their work and this rat race of a live that they totally lost perspective of what is important, they cant see when all their dreams are coming true.

One of my favourite bands “Die Tuindwergies” sings, “ons skuld is soveel meer antreklik as aangenaam”, It basically reads, OUR DEBT IS SO MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN IT IS LOVELY.

It made me think that all this stuff we think we need, all this blood sweat and tears we go through for the people we work for to get that raise or that promotion. Is not always a live we need to live, money can’t buy happiness.

“ I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so that they will know that’s not the answer”.

–  Jim Carrey