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Ever wondered when is a good time to change positions in the workplace, or start something new. A lot us will have the thought of making that switch, but the idea of considering a new career and everything that goes along with it just puts us in a world of stress. “Us plain quiet folk have no use for adventures, nasty disturbing uncomfortable things they are!”, as Mr Bilbo Baggins says.

The truth is, some of us get pushed and pushed in our daily jobs to a point where it gets real unhealthy, both physically and mentally. At a certain point you will have to take a look at yourself and decide if this career is worth all the pain you go through.


Author And business coach Pamela Slim developed a clever technique to determine when a good time is to make a change in careers, she calls it the loathing scale.

The scale runs from 1 to 10. At 1, everything is great and you love everything about it. At 10, you hate everything about it and quite literally feel ill when you step into the office. Pamela explained their is mainly three stages to the loathing scale…

The chill range: 1-4

In this stage everything is, well, chilled, all is good and you love everything about your job and you are likely to stay here for a few years. Although everything is good and chilled, be careful not to get to comfortable where you are. It’s easy to get stuck where you are and many years will go by before you realise, well damn, I didn’t really do much this past decade.

The angs range: 5-8

There are many things that can push you above and beyond 4. A bad boss, long ours, bad culture. What ever it may be, this is a good time to focus on your “side hustle” (the small things you do to make a little extra cash). In this range you will begin to feel your energy levels is never stable, there are some good days but mostly feel annoyed and stressed.

The run screaming range: 9-10

Whatever you do, always try to avoid this stage. Between 9 – 10 you will start to get sick physically and mentally, you feel exhausted, depressed, high blood pressure, and you find it difficult to work on your side hustle, because your creative juices just ain’t flowing anymore.


So where do you fall in the Loathing scale with your career? Take a random time in the week or even over a weekend and think a little about your career and the company you are at the moment, do this a few times over a period of a month, this way you can have clear insight about where your path is heading towards, and you can make your decision to either stay or walk from your position.

Now I know it’s easier said than done. You would like to just walk away, but it’s not always that easy of a task. You can’t just fall without a safety net, right… This is where the loathing scale helps you out, it helps you determine where you stand and how hard you have to work on that “side hustle” or how bad you need to get your resume out there to escape the soul crushing corporate environment that you call your “job”.

“Having a job you love is a right, and not a privilege. It is not for the chosen few.” ~Simon Sinek